Our mission is to create an environment where every child at an early age develops their potential, together with families and the community. Over 30 years we have supported more than 20,000 vulnerable children, encouraging their development from birth, as well as their parents and professionals working with children.

The children of Plovdiv discover the world and dream

Early childhood development program

In the Complex for early childhood development in Plovdiv, children up to 7 years of age receive all the support they need in one place, so that they can grow up calm and loved, and can develop their full potential from an early age. Their parents also receive support to be secure and consistent in their relationships with the children.

Who we will help together and what we want to achieve:

• We will help children with difficulties and developmental problems and children with disabilities to achieve independence, adaptability, ability to communicate with their peers and become successful adults by stimulating strengths and neutralizing weaknesses.

• We will stimulate development of children’s skills to recognize and express emotions, to react in different situations in socially acceptable ways, to adapt in different environments; We will create opportunities for creative expression and development of abilities and aptitudes.

• We will support parents to develop their skills and capacity to understand and meet the child’s needs in order to be independent and confident in their childcare.

We will provide the necessary activities for 12 children for a period of up to 6 months according to an individual plan tailored to their condition and needs: work with a speech therapist, psychologist, special pedagogue, rehabilitator, kinesitherapist, social worker, early childhood development or early childhood intervention specialist, as well as parental support. We will organize group development activities and socializing activities – art and culinary workshops, music therapy, role-playing games. An advantage of our work is mobility – our teams reach children and families at an early age in several municipalities of the Plovdiv region, where there is a lack of supporting services for children with specific needs.

In 2022, through the Early Childhood Development program in Plovdiv, we supported 276 children, parents and specialists: 60 children with developmental difficulties and problems, 60 children from kindergartens, 42 children in health facilities, 6 children entrusted to public care, 72 parents of children with special needs at an early age, 36 health professionals and educators caring for children with special needs.

Your support will give chance to children at early age to expand their horizon, to grow up independent and confident and to dream…like every child.

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Center for Social Rehabilitation and Integration for Children and Youth with Disabilities “Parallel World” – Campaign

“Parallel World” association is a parent organization founded in 2010. 13 years ago, 7 mothers decided that the real change should start with ourselves. We stopped asking the question “Why?” and started asking ourselves “How?”.  How can we help more parents who embark on the thorny path of raising a child with a disability? How can we help more children to be accepted and grow up happy despite their difficulties?

Today, we are more than 70 parents who are fighting to make the world of our children happier, more hospitable and for the maximum number of people to be present in it.

In October 2015, we rented a 240 and we opened a Center for Social Rehabilitation and Integration for Children and Youth with Disabilities (CSRI), which provides completely free adequate support and training to both children and youth and their parents. We have completely renovated and furnished it. We have turned it into a favorite place where children and young people with intellectual disabilities communicate, celebrate their birthdays, meet friends, learn various skills – from tidying up, washing and ironing, to preparing food and organizing their time and managing their life.

Children and young people, despite their difficulties, have their dreams and desires, they have their hopes and ideas for the future, the center is the place where they are supported to realize them and gain the confidence to pursue their dreams and stand up for their rights.

Today we ask ourselves the question “When I’m gone?” The more often we ask ourselves what will happen to our children after us, the more motivated we are to work for change.

We turned part of the Center’s premises into a social enterprise – a Bookstore with Mission Nadezhda and a workshop for the production of cards and small souvenirs, as well as a sewing studio where our grown children can learn to work and be able to work. To find meaning in their daily lives (already as adults) and lead a normal life.

We also built a sports culture among the youth. A large part of them practice basketball, swimming, tennis, travel freely in Europe, participate in international competitions. Through sports and performances, they feel happy and equal, which gives them self-confidence to develop and improve more and more. They don’t want to be pitied. They want to be accepted. Sport gives them that opportunity.

Despite our best efforts to manage on our own, we need support to provide funds for the costs of the Center and for it to continue to exist and help more and more children, young people and parents.

The center is located in the city of Plovdiv, residential area Trakia, bl. 15, entrance B

Kremena Stoyanova – mother of a child with a disability and chairman of the Managing Board of  “Parallel World”

Contact phone: 0878 468 748