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Business Run Plovdiv supports 2 local charity causes in 2018:



Putting Love in Action with Holiday Heroes

The Holiday Heroes association is a charity whose core mission is to bring joy into the homes of more than 5,000 families in need at Christmas and Easter, delivering holiday boxes full of food for blissful and bountiful holiday celebrations.

Holiday Heroes have been successful at this task 5 years and nine consecutive campaigns already, thanks to the socially responsible donor companies, the hundreds of volunteers, the media and celebrities who trust and support us.

Fundraising for our drives takes many different forms we use direct cash donations, donations of goods and services, and organize a variety of fundraisers. One of the most popular among our initiatives is a series of charity sport tournaments called ‘Sport with a Mission’, which attracts ever more socially responsible businesses realizing the benefits of both sport and charity.

Thanks to our friends from Begach Running Club and your support, funds raised from the Business Run — another sport event helping our cause, will make dozens of families happy this Christmas:

If we raise 1,000 BGN, 28 socially vulnerable families will receive boxes with food;

If the raised amount is 2,000 BGN, we will bring joy to 56 families;

3, 000 BGN will be enough for 84 families.

You can find out more about our mission on the Holiday Heroes website and our Facebook page:


The goal of Phoenix Center for Psychological Counseling is to support children and their mothers, who are affected by domestic violence, to live independently and freely.

The Phoenix Center organizes therapeutic sessions with children and offers legal advice to protect their human rights. Through these activities, children are supported in overcoming the psychological trauma, they are encouraged to form positive attitudes and have their rights protected.

The work of Phoenix aims at the following results when working with children:

  • Forming positive attitudes towards oneself;
  • Building up competences, skills and habits that allow a child to identify their own thoughts, feelings, and behavior, so that they are able to trust others;
  • Restoring the sense of dignity;
  • Developing and improving social skills;
  • Forming abilities for understanding oneself and taking informed decisions;
  • Legal protection.

For the last four years, Phoenix’s experts have supported more than 130 children and their mothers. On a local level, they work successfully with Gender Alternatives Foundation, Child Protection Department – Plovdiv, Regional and District Courts- Plovdiv. The professional supports lasts from three months to a year. More about Phoenix’s team and work could be found here.

The donated money from Begach Business Run – Plovdiv will be allocated in the following way:

For a sum of 2500 BGN

  • 80 psychological consultations for 20 children survivors of domestic violence for a period of 6 months;
  • 20 legal consultations for children and their parents survivors of domestic violence;

For a sum of 5000 BGN

  • 140 psychological consultations for 40 children survivors of domestic violence for a period of 6 months;
  • 40 legal consultations for children and their parents survivors of domestic violence in the framework of 6 months.
  • 10 trainings for Parenting Skills for 20 parents.

Each consultation lasts an hour and equals 25 BGN. The Parenting skills trainings are led by two professionals.

Let’s make invisible violence visible for everyone and encourage children to not be afraid of their experiences. Help us stop violence against children!

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