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For Our Children Foundation is a Bulgarian nongovernmental organization, which for 27 years now has been protecting children’s rights in Bulgaria. Our mission is that every child lives and develops in a family and we pursue it by deliveringquality social services to the most vulnerable children in an early age and their families.Through supporting and encouraging stable, secure and evolving family relations, we work together with the children, families, communities, local and executive authorities to build happy childhoods. We have established, and continue to develop and maintain, standards for high quality in each of the services we provide. What we aim by means of our work in the social service sector is to bring positive change in the lives of those children and families, and to make sure that the most vulnerable children have rights that are equal to those of other children and are able to unfold their full potential. 

Since 2009 the Foundation has been managing the Community Support Centre ‘For Children And Parents’ in the town of Plovdiv. At the Centre, our specialists consult and support parents, who are facing serious challenges in caring for their children or for whom there is a risk of separation from their children, by providing social, psychological and material assistance, and – if possible – financial such. A team of social workers, a psychologist, early childhood development specialists and early childhood intervention specialists support children with developmental difficulties or disabilities and their families so that every child can develop its potential and abilities.


The support lasts between six months and a year – until we are sure that the family can independently take care of their child. Our work approach is individual-focused and follows the specific needs of each family; when necessary, we refer the family to an additional consultation and to other specialists. Our team readily mobilizes all its resources to support families in need because a secure family environment ensures the well-being of children. In the first six months of 2019, our experts at the Community Support Centre ‘For Children And Parents’ in Plovdiv have supported 177 children and families.

We appeal to ‘Runner’ sports club to entwine the cause of its biggest event for corporate participants – Liebherr Business Run 2019 – with the cause that more children live and develop in a stable family environment by supporting our programme ‘Early Childhood Intervention’, which is directed at children with disabilities or developmental difficulites.

What is early childhood intervention?

Early childhood intervention is a service that provides integral support to the child from birth until the age of three. The first three years of the lives of children are of paramount importance to their unabridged development, as this is the time when the basis for physical, emotional and psychological health throughout the entire life is formed. Early childhood intervention services prevent the development of disabilities and reduce the effects of existing disabilities or developmental delays. The goal of early childhood intervention is for parents to receive timely support for their child and to have the confidence and skills to develop its potential to the fullest. Early childhood intervention enables the child to unfold its abilities to the highest degree possible, to acquire important new skills and to build a healthy emotional relationship to its parents. It gives parents the opportunity to understand better their child’s needs, to receive answers to their questions about the stages of a child’s development, to cultivate the strengths and abilities of their child, by receiving the support of qualified professionals.


The services pertaining to early childhood intervention are designed for children between the ages of 0 and 3 who have disabilities, developmental delays or difficulties, premature babies or children who are at risk of developmental delays due to illness or other circumstances. Early childhood intervention specialists examine the individual development of the child and prepare a plan to support the child and its family. They consult and train parents on care for children with special needs or disabilities and provide support to encourage the development of the child and cultivate its potential. If there is a need and the parents have given their consent, the child could also be supported by an additional specialist – rehabilitation therapist, psychologist, speech therapist, social worker, therapist and others.  

12 children in total have benefited from the services delivered as part of our programme ‘Early Childhood Intervention’. An analysis of the work of our Community Support Centre ‘For Children And Parents’ shows that children with special needs are one of the groups that are at the highest risk of abandonment. The support given to parents in early childhood has a direct effect on the prevention of abandonment as well as on the development of the child. This is the reason why work on this programme has recommenced.


Thanks to your support, through our work on the programme ‘Early Childhood Intervention’, we will support 10 children and their families in accordance with their needs. Together we will succeed in ensuring for them happy, fulfilled and colourful chilldhoods!


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